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Mobile App to Challenge Status Quo


Video Based Matchmaking for Professional Interests

Our client is an entrepreneur with a big vision to re-invent social media by providing a platform for organisations to enable employees to find a match for their interests and then connect them for execution of the plan.


Giant MVP with a Tiny Budget

For the client it is important to start with a fully fledged solution rather iterating over time. They had a detailed specification of how the app should work. We came to an agreement to split the payment into two parts – during the development and after the the launch.

Our expertise

Video Making and Processing in an app

Main functionalities


We did choose Google’s UI toolkit Flutter to build the mobile application. That allowed us to build a native iOS and Android app from a single codebase. Its hot reloading features made fast interactions possible and the rich set of customisable UI widgets help building a flexible UI easily.

The backend functionality for the app runs mainly on Google Firebase. The Firebase products provide a wide range of services that help to build backends for mobile applications fast. No custom code was needed for data synchronisation, authentication and notifications. The event processing is running on Firebase Cloud Functions and is built with TypeScript for the NodeJS runtime. The tight integration into the Realtime Database helps to implement business logic in a breeze.

For processing the uploaded video contents we could leverage our extensive knowledge of the AWS MediaConverter that we already used successfully in other projects. New video files are first uploaded to AWS S3 and are transcoded into multiple formats and qualities.

The administrative web interface to the user content is build as a Single Page Application using React and TypeScript. The choice of Firebase for the backend functionality made a fast implementation possible.