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We design, develop and run
web and mobile

Web Applications and E-commerce

Mobile Apps and App Security


Automations and Chatbots

Cloud Consulting and DevOps

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Webmobix is a Boutique IT Consulting Agency.

We build tailor made web and mobile applications so that you could serve your clients efficiently and with confidence. 

Also we support IT teams with DevOps focusing on the Operations so that your developers could focus on implementation of the features. Leave the infrastructure setup and management to us.

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How we can support you

Enhance Your Business Through Technology

Our clients range from startups to corporates. They operante in different fields from banking till printing. Broad scope of use cases feeds our creativity with cross-industry ideas while our mission remains the same – to develop high quality applications.

Offer It All Online

Inform, inspire, sell, invite, collect – endless possibilities what you can do with your website, landing pages and e-commerce.

Start Digital Transformation

Automate manual business processes. We help to optimize the flow, increase accuracy and boost performance.


Stay Active 24/7

Engage with your audience and continue providing services even while sleeping. Let technologies do the job.

Websites | Landing Pages | E-Commerce | Payment Integration | API Integrations | Chatbots | Self Service | Automations | Video Processing

Launch a Novelty

From a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to a stable fully fledged application and to scaling up even further. We contribute with our tech and business expertise.


Disrupt the market with a groundbreaking solution. We also have skills in AI, AR/VR and IoT application development.


Every improvement matters. Whether you are solving for SDGs or making a difference locally, we’re at your hand.

Web Platforms | Mobile Apps | Mobile App Security | Payment Integration | Frameworks | Automations | Video Processing

Use the Power of the Cloud

Run your applications securely in the cloud. We help to build and maintain private, public and hybrid clouds. Hire us to organize development operations with CI/CD.


Scale Globally

Place the servers closer to your customers for a faster data access. Scale your cloud up and down based on the load.

Reduce Running Costs

Choose the best combination of available offers. We are cloud provider agnostic and give an independent advice.

Infrastructure Planning | Cloud Development | Cloud Management | Cloud Migration | Cloud Optimisation | Infrastructure Monitoring 

We advocate collaboration

Reach Out to Us

It’s always the right time to start a conversation. Send us a short introduction of your project, ideas and needs. We will arrange a competence sharing session to find out how and when it would be best to work together.


+41  79 871 55 07



Dufourstrasse 49 (Spaces),
8008 Zürich

Sihlquai 131 (ImpactHub),
8005 Zürich