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Web Platform for Video Lessons

Fully featured web application for video courses built from scratch. For students, teachers and white labelling clients. Runs on a public cloud.

A B O U T  T H E  C L I E N T

Love for Video Stories  

Our client is a video production and training company. Next to professional filming they share their expertise with students all around the world teaching them how to create video stories that change their lives and the world itself.

The client envisioned a tool for lessons that would be easy to use for students, teachers and potential corporate clients.

Tech Stack

AWS Cloud Formation

The platform owner can easily create new Toolkits on the Superadmin web application. The toolkit is modelled using AWS CloudFormation infrastructure-as-code for easy provisioning while keeping costs per platform low by using dynamic scaling features.

AWS Route53 / DNS

They are dynamically adding subdomains to the DNS system.

AWS Certificate Manager

The web traffic of each toolkit is encrypted using SSL/TLS web standard by a dynamically provisioned certificate from AWS.

AWS CloudFront

For fast and secure content delivery to the users the platform is using the AWS CloudFront content delivery network.

AWS Lambda

The platform is build around a Microservice architecture employing the Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern. This allows an almost unlimited scaling for single operations to match demand. The AWS Lambda platform is used to run each backend function in a separate, server less service. The server less service architecture increases resilience of the overall toolkit by having no single point of failure.

AWS API Gateway

All server less functions that build the platforms backend are made available for the frontend application trough the AWS API Gateway as a central way to manage security, access control and scaling.


All parts of the toolkits as functions code, the single page web applications and the content itself is stored on AWS highly available object storage system.

AWS DynamoDB

The AWS DynamoDB NoSQL database system is used to store all dynamic data of the toolkits which allows dynamic scaling on demand at any scale.

AWS Elastic Transcoder / AWS MediaConvert

The AWS media transcoding products run all converting tasks on the platform to ensure frictionless layout of video content to all devices. Each uploaded video is encoded dynamically into different optimised video formats and stored on S3. The encoding status is reported back to the admins and users.

AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS)

All status updates of the various toolkit components are routed trough the AWS SNS system using the pub/sub messaging pattern.

Single Page Application

The web frontend for the toolkit components are developed as Single Page Applications using the React framework with TypeScript. The Single Page Application pattern is a modern design pattern for delivering an application like experience on the web. Users experience fast application performance.