What is a bot?

It’s your virtual colleague who can communicate with your customers, partners and co-workers and get things done! Chatbots are used to build and strengthen personal relationship between users and brands. They are also handy in stimulating teamwork and performing complicated tasks.

It’s just like a real person, except that it’s actually a program.

Types of bots

ChatBot. Conversation based Bot for human-like interactions. Usually works via messenger platforms. Uses NLP, Machine Learning, AI, Neural Networks.

ClickBot. A bot with buttons, sliders, pictures, and other elements for a quick and easy communication with clients. Intuitive interfaces are based on native templates.

BotBot. Bots can interact not only with people but also with each other. They analyze and aggregate data to automate tasks. When bots work together, you can rest.

MixBot. A combination of different types of bots.

Our Bots

LinguoBot. Completely conversational chatbot for practicing foreign language skills.

WaiterBot. Button and template based easy and quick to use chatbot for ordering from take-away restaurants.

When to use bots

Pre-sales. Find out customer needs

Sales. Engage clients by chatting in natural language and presenting attractively your products or services. Integrated payments will be available soon.

Customer Support. Replace call center services with a bot.

Teamwork. Automate daily tasks, such as project management communication and information exchange, to increase productivity inside the company.