February 22 – 24. Co-exhibiting a startup at StartupGrind in San Francisco.

February 1 – 2. Attending AI conference and workshop in Munich.

January 24. Supporting an exhibiting startup as a technology partner at Seif conference (Impact Investments).



December 10. Presentation at HWZ, Zürich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration.

October 30. Presenting LinguoBot at Swisscom Demo Day.

October 24 – 25. Swiss Startup Day in Bern.

October 14. ChatbotConf2016 in Vienna.

September 20. Swiss Bot Tech Summit in Zurich.

September 7 – 8. Ford Developer Program in Berlin.

June 21. ScrumMaster Certification.

May 6 – 7. Startup Weekend in Zurich, winning Swisscom Kickbox prize for LinguoBot.

April 22 – 23. ETH Hackathon in Zurich, winning the award for the 2nd place with crowd control app for transport sector using beacons.